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Honey Availability

We currently () have no honey for sale. A big "Thank You" to all our customers for your business and helping to spread the word about our honey. Check our Facebook page for current pictures and updates. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you are notified immediately when we have harvested and filtered honey available for sale and when our supplies are running low.

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We don't like spam mail and don't send it. We only send mail to update you about honey availability and when we have a speaking engagement that is open to the public. Pretty much only important stuff.

Our Honey

We harvest our honey in mid summer and late summer each year. Our honey is extracted from the hive frames (we use a human-powered, stainless steel extractor), filtered twice, then bottled--that's it. We do not pasteurize our honey so it's considered "raw" honey.

Currently East Colony Honey has one active hives in Des Moines. We did have four hives, however, we have experienced "colony collapse disorder" this fall. Hopefully our remaining hive will survive over the winter months and rebuild this spring. We think the high useage of pesticides in the city may be the cause. Imidacloprid, clothianidin, dinotefuran, and thiamethoxam are highly toxic to honey bees.

Winter 2018

Winter Beekeeping Classes

Beginning Beekeeping 7 Week course

It all started from a Master Gardener Class

During one of her Polk County Master Gardener certification classes, co-owner Christie found out that the city of Des Moines allowed residents to keep bee hives in the city limits. She went home and shared with her husband/co-owner Tim who had always had an interest in the little stinging insects. That was back in April 2006.